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Integrated security solutions & technology services by creating a single point of contact for all security needs.

Rinkor Technology Solutions

Rinkor Technology provides complete security systems with services including consultation, design, installation, service and technology integration. We are expert integrators of access control, video surveillance and intrusion alarm solutions for businesses of every size and budget.


We provide complete assessments of clients environments to identify specific security and technology needs for their space. We then custom design security and technology solutions tailored to the unique needs of the client and their space


Our project managers coordinate all phases of the process from start to finish as our teams of technicians installs, integrates and programs the custom system for your space.


We perform all our own installations with our team of certified and training security technicians and programmers. In every step of the process, our technicians maintain the quality and integrity of your projects installation so that your experience is efficient and positive.


Once the integration process is complete, our team ensures you have hands on training for your system that enables you to focus on your business and your life, resting assured you and your space is secured. After installation, programming and training – our presence doesn’t end there. We provide ongoing service and support for your team and security system.

Rinkor Tech : Who We Are

At Rinkor Technology, we specialize in integrated security solutions & technology services by creating a single point of contact for all security needs in commercial, corporate, education, financial, government and industrial environments.

Rinkor Tech’s customized technology solutions provide our clients with trusted, reliable security and access control systems. We arrange every step of the process; from environment evaluation to design, installation, programming, ongoing system maintenance and even future upgrades. Our purpose is to give you the confidence and freedom to focus on your core operations while Rinkor Technology Solutions focuses on keeping your people and your environments safe and secure.

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Our Solutions

Access Control

An access control system is installed for securing and managing the entry and exit points to any space.This is accomplished through electrified door hardware communicating with the access control software and management system. Used for restricted entry, management and monitoring of personnel via key card, proximity fob systems, card readers, door lock/unlock schedules, alarm integration, notifications and first responder protocols.

Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system is specified for securing a site through multiple high-resolution, IP based cameras strategically positioned around and throughout the property. A video management software is specified that includes live camera viewing, remote camera viewing, video recording instance search and export. The camera system has motion detection and defined areas of focus allowing the camera to detect when a predetermined line has been crossed. 

Intrusion Alarm

An intrusion alarm system components are used to detect the entry of an intruder into the facility. Alarm systems are monitored by a 24/7 call center that reports intrusion alarms to notify owners/managers and the respective authorities to presence of an intruder in their space. Alarms can integrate and interact with both access control and video surveillance systems. 

Technology Integration

The Rinkor Technology Team specializes in technology integration. Our goal is to make your experience of using technology efficient and productive for your whole team. We do this by being experts in all aspects of security systems and working hard to integrate any existing legacy systems into new systems when possible, deploying custom solutions in difficult environments and researching new solutions to meet your needs.

First Steps : Technology Needs and Site Survey

Rinkor Technology is here to help with all your technology integration needs. From new system design projects to taking over your current system to troubleshooting and service.

The first step for us is learning what your security and technology needs are and how we can help. After learning this, we can do a site survey by a site analysis of your building plans and a physical walkthrough of your space. Our design and engineering process is structured to deliver a custom solution for you and your team that meets the important criteria of security standards and usability efficiency.

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Why We Are Different


Rinkor Tech is committed to providing the highest level of quality in customer experience, service and technology products. We pride ourselves in attention to detail, custom solutions and the highest standards in design and installation.


Our company believes in business and personal integrity as our highest value. Honesty and valuing people are of upmost importance to us in everything we do from running our business, support our employees and serving our clients.


The Rinkor Technology Team brings over 30 years experience in security project design, installation and service. We have an excellent portfolio of completed projects, successful system integrations and great ongoing client relationships.


We are constantly innovating and intentionally staying at the forefront of technology. As an integrator, we are focused on bringing our clients the most value by ensuring their people and spaces are secured by the best technology available.

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