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Rinkor Technology Solutions has been serving business clients in the Bay Area for over 15 years with security and technology solutions. In that time, we have noticed that during the fast paced reality of running a business or organization, simple security items can be overlooked. But its often the simple things that can lead to major security risks. To better serve our clients, we have compiled a simple business security checklist that we hope brings you awareness and value. 


Often times its the simple things that can make the biggest difference in security. And its also the case that he simple things get overlooked during the busy day to day. That’s exactly why we put together this short checklist of items that you should consider in reviewing the security of your business. 
Considering these basic items will help in determining your next steps towards ensuring the optimum safety of your people and business environment.
Review the checklist pictured here and even download a copy for printing out and evaluating your business environment.
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