Security Solutions for Businesses and Organizations of Every Size and Budget.Rinkor Technology specializes in solutions for your security needs that utilize forward focused technology with proven dependability. Learn about Rinkor Technology’s security solutions and how they can benefit you.


Corporate Offices, Multi-Site Campuses, Small Businesses and More.



Elementary to High Schools, Junior Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools.



Government Offices, Law Enforcement Facilities, Courts and Transportation HUBS.



Security Cameras, Audio Video Systems, Communications Solutions, Smart Home Integration

Rinkor Technology has over 25 years of experience in the security and audio video industry. We take that expertise and combine it with the most advanced security and technology products available today – bringing you amazing solutions and service.


Today’s access control systems go beyond just locking and unlocking doors – they must give you enough control and information to run your business more efficiently while also providing a safe work environment for all your employees. Rinkor Technology offers custom access control systems for every business – from small, one-location businesses to large enterprises.
  • No more expensive re-keying when employees leave – With traditional locks, you must rekey every door when an employee leaves or risk a security breach. Access control systems let you simply deactivate the employees’ access.
  • Restrict access to certain areas – Access control systems make it easier to restrict access to certain areas of your business and to change access on the fly.
  • Provides an exact audit of room use and employee time – Get real data that lets you know where employees are throughout the day and how your business is being used.
  • Wired and wireless solutions – Rinkor Technology offers both wired and wireless access control systems to fit businesses of any shape or size.
  • IP card readers – IP card readers integrate with your existing network, minimizing the difficulty of installation and implementation.
  • Biometrics – You can use anything from fingerprints to retina scans to control access throughout your business.
  • Hosted access control – We host and manage your access control system for you to save you time and overhead.
  • Identity management – Create ID badges and cards for your employees and manage the database yourself


Smart video surveillance is one of the most powerful parts of any security program. Video lets you keep an eye on your employees and customers.

  • Connect with existing equipment – Rinkor Technology can help you integrate your video surveillance security cameras into your existing security system and IT infrastructure. 
  • Keep a record of events at your business – Set up automatic video recording of certain events, including opening/closing the front door, opening a cash register or manage data or accessing a restricted room.
  • Improve your operating efficiency –  Use your video recordings to analyze video for improved operational efficiency. Analog to IP videos system conversions, easy to use video management, analytics and IP networked systems are designed to help you meet your business goals. 
  • Get real-time alerts – Receive automatic alerts, text messages and emailed video clips for events that require immediate notification and response. Plus, you can use your office computer or smart phone to see live video or ensure your video system is actually working and recording.


Want to stay connected to your business wherever your are? Cloud-based security solutions from Rinkor Technology let you keep an eye on what’s happening from any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet. 

  • Get real-time security alerts delivered to your phone – Want to always be in the know? Get alerts about your business delivered straight to your smartphone. Multiple locations can be accessed in real time, with advisements of late closings or irregular openings.
  • View live video feeds – Log in to your account from anywhere to see live video feeds of your business.
  • See the status of you security system – Get a complete view of your business security system, including what triggered an alarm, which buildings and doors are armed or locked, and much more.
  • Manage your access control system – Add, edit, remove or change permissions in your access control system.
  • Review fire and life safety events – See where a fire or other critical event was triggered and why.
  • And much more – Our custom business solutions, if you need to see it online, we can make it happen.


Utilizing and enjoying audio video in both commercial and high end residential spaces is a solution from Rinkor Technology. We also specialize in wireless and point to option communications systems design and deployment for both workspaces and homes.

  • In a commercial space, HD screens for presentations, video conferencing and branding along with speakers for mood music and PA systems for all hands meetings are key components that benefit a business environment.
  • For high end residential, Audio video systems bring a wonderful level of life and enjoyment to your home. Enjoying media from any source in any location is just the beginning. Smart Home Technology integration beings lighting control, temperature and security into once space for easy access and control.
  • Wi-Fi and point to point communication system technology is a connection bridge for media, audio/video, security and more.
  • Control and manage your home and access control system from any location through your mobile device.

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