Rinkor Tech has a specialized team of experts that provides the cannabis industry with security system design & integration that is tailored for their specific business needs and process. We know and respect all aspects of the cannabis industry and would love to serve your operation. Get in touch with us today and learn how we can bring your business the best, more reliable security.

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  • Knowledgable of compliance regulations and the security & technology solutions to meet them.
  • Specialized in multiple video storage solutions such as on-site storage and cloud storage as well as a combination of the two for an even more robust video security measure.
  • Technicians maintain flexible work schedules to accommodate “day cycle” installations as needed
  • Understands the importance of cleanliness! Our techs stock disposable suits to eliminate the chance of bringing in outside mold spores or bugs.


  • Includes security cameras, access control, custom safes and the strongest locks available.
  • Integration of networks that are fully scalable and can be used in on or off-grid locations by using satellite technology.
  • Only includes cameras that have been tested to prove the infrared light they emit has NO EFFECT on cannabis plant growth.
  • Is backed by industry leading companies and vendors with service and warranties for the highest level of security.


  • Medical Dispensaries
  • Large Warehouse Grow Operations
  • Multi-site Facilities
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Mobile Video Security
  • Off-Grid Remote Viewing Via Satellites
  • Greenhouse and Outdoor Grows
  • Drone Security-coming soon!


One of our experienced, grow industry system designers will meet you on site for a survey and determine the best solution.

CALL (855)574-6567

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